ev charging station training course


 Learn how to expand your business and increase sales with electric vehicle charging station installations. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging station Design Training

In World, the automobile industry is one of the key segments driving economic growth; and at the same time, one of the principal contributors to pollution and making World dependent on overseas oil. So, with the government’s sights firmly set on making India a nation chiefly running on electric transportation by 2030 in that AEVT help lot to implementing Electric Vehicle Design (EVs) have to make their place, despite their share of challenges in terms of manufacturing infrastructure and also the opportunities they can bring in. The analyses what the future of electric vehicles in the country looks like, are all engineers ready for them and what are the areas manufacturers need to look into. AEVT Moto is implementing .

Government of India have undertaken multiple initiatives to promote manufacturing and adoption of electric vehicles in India. With support of the Government, electric vehicles have started penetrating in the Indian Market. AEVT Developing the skilled engineers by industrial training with help of skill Engineers availability of adequate Charging Infrastructure is one of the key requirement for accelerated adoption of electric vehicles in India. It is proposed to encourage this by laying down an enabling framework..

Electric vehicles Charging station Design training covered selection of A/c Charger, selection of electric motors for specific capacity vehicles, design of controllers, design of battery chargers with specific applications to electric vehicles, selection of D/c Charger development of testing facility for testing of electric motors, controllers and battery chargers.

AEVT are providing industry-institute interaction and hands on training for Electric vehicle Charging station Design In Institute provided educational institution with adequate infrastructure.

Academy Of EV Technology offering a course on EV Charging Station Designs, planning, costing, ROI, vendor selection and services as a starting point for EV charging installation projects. Case study of EV charging station business model, govt Policies and guidelines.

Certificate EV Charging Station Installer Training Program is a master courses that takes an Engineer, designe engineer, installer from site assessment, all the way through power-up and pinpointing. Installers who take this training will have all the information needed to efficiently and accurately assess, design and install charging stations.

Visit Course Detail http://aevt.org/courses/electric-vehicle-charging-installer.php


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